Welcome to the IntGPCR

IntGPCR is a database of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) dimers curated from literature. IntGPCR provides browsing, searching and visualization of the interacting GPCRs. The database is constructed by curation of GPCR dimerization data from PubMed.

IntGPCR is very useful for the biological and computational studies about GPCRs. The main function of GPCRs is to transduce extracellular signals into intracellular reactions. Due to their significant role, GPCRs are involved in many major diseases. Recent findings clearly show that many GPCRs form homo- or hetero-dimers. IntGPCR provides researchers a portal for easy access and analysis of dimerizations of specific GPCRs.

IntGPCR also contains predicted 3D structural models of known GPCR interactions. Since, experimental structures of many GPCRs are not available, computationally predicted models of GPCRs are provided in IntGPCR using homology modeling. We believe that, researchers will benefit from these predicted models for further exploration of the interactions.

We suggest users to browse the IntGPCR database using the navigation menu on the left. The Help page contains detailed usage and description of the database.